Anis's mother and Schwartz

Anis's Mother and Schwartz

Anis's Mother only appears in the flashbacks of Schwartz. It is not known if she is still alive or not. Her name has not been revealed. She is known to be the past Rose Princess.


She looks extactly like Anis, only looking more mature and grown up with a slighly longer and less bouncy hair. She is shown wearing dresses only.



It was not told to how she met Schwartz, but the two were very much in love. She would often run away from the castle she stayed in to be with Schwartz. Once, she made her entrance by jumping off a tree and landing on Schwartz. She tells Schwartz that she hates her family because many tried her like a prize, for her child, whoever the father is, would become the Rose Dominan Princess, be it a male or female. One day, while the two of them were together, she was forcefully taken away by her family from Schwartz and not seen for a long time. While she was taken a
Anis's mother being taken away

Being taken away

way, she screamed out for Schwartz.
Anis's mother begging Schwartz to take care or Anis

Anis's mother begging Schwartz to take care of her daughter.

Years later, she reappears at the doorsteps of Schwartz's house, carrying a baby. It turns out that the baby is her daughter and she begged him to take care of her daughter. She also begged Schwartz not to let her daughter know of her true status. After giving her daughter to Schwartz, Anis's mother was never seen again.