Anis's Rose Collar was an object that Anis treasures dearly because her father threatened to punish Anis if she ever removed it. Despite looking like any other collar, it actually has strong magic placed on it by Schwartz Yamamoto. The magic was to prevent anyone related to the magic world to be aware that Anis is the current Rose Princess and cannot be taken off at all by any means. Despite the second magic, Ninufa managed to knock the collar off from Anis when it collided into Anis. When it went missing from Anis, Anis was so fearful about her father's punishment that she plotted to buy a rose collar simliar to hers. Mitsuru ended up buying it for her. It has been recently revealed that Schwartz gave this special collar to Anis upon her mother's request to hide her daughter (Anis) from people who are aware of the existent of a Rose Princess.