Anis Yamamoto
[[Anis Yamamoto prof|250px]]
Name Anis Yamamoto
Dominion Name The Rose Princess
Disguise First-year student
Rose Knights Red
Orange (Temporary)
Magic Attribute Rose Thorn Whip (capable of making her knights to obey her orders forcefully)
Gender Female
Family Schwartz Yamamoto (Adoptive Father)
Celica (Adoptive Aunt)
Unnamed Mother
Birthday November 27th (Sagittarius)
Hair Colour Pink
Eye Colour Ruby Pink
Blood Group O
Height 162 cm
Manga Debut Punishment 1

Anise Yamamoto is heroine of Barajou No Kiss. She is current Dominion over the current Rose Rhode Knights (White, Black, Red and Blue). Her father is Schwartz Yamamoto, the enemy of her and her four knights.

As the Rose PrincessEdit


  • Rose Vine Whip - appears whenever Anise wants her knights to submit to her will.

Relationship with her knightsEdit

Kaede HigaEdit

Anise shares a special relationship with Kaede. Despite being a 'Rose Princess' and him being a 'Rose Rhode Knight', Anise has feelings for him as a normal boy. He also has feelings for Anise, but she didn't know until the chapter where he confesses his feelings. Anise had also been jealous when she witness Mikage kissing Kaede. It was proven further when Anise accepted his accidental kiss, she kisses him back again, bringing Kaede straight to Level Two.

Seiran AsagiEdit

She adores him because he has cute looks. However, this adoration blossoms into a close friendship as she is determined to protect Seiran, even though he is a Rhode knight. This was evident when she and Kaede follows him around.

Anise and Seiran enjoy a close relationship together. Even though Anise does not carry romantic feelings for Seiran, they are both extremely concerned for each others' safety, as such when Seiran allowed himself to take on Anise's pain on occasion.

Mutsuki KuramaEdit

One of her classmates said that if he looks at you something bad will happen.

At first, Mutsuki didn't wish to accept her as his Dominion. He is known to state, "She will never be my Dominion." During Anis' plan to summon Kaede to sneak inside the jewelry store (in order to see the choker sold), she accidentally summons Mutsuki. Surprised to see him, she has no choice but to ask him to do her favor.

In the other chapters, he is known to bring her home. During one of these chapters, he tosses her a piece of chocolate, commenting about her lack of energy. Despite being quite insulted, she gives the chocolate a kiss, stating that what he did was cute.

Later on, he warms up to her and holds strong feelings for her. He steals her first kiss from her, surprising Anise. He is known to be quite fond of Anise, despite not showing it. Thus, he and Kaede are rivals.

Mitsuru TenjouEdit

Anis used to have a crush on Mitsuru, but that crush disappeared after seeing Mitsuru's true self, which to her is "disgusting" and "weird". Mitsuru is obsessed with Anis, and at his house, he has many pictures and statues of her, too. Anis still is protective of him since he is one of her Rhode Knights.

Recently, it has been revealed that Anis might be related to Mitsuru.

Idel SuzumuraEdit


Mikage HiiragiEdit

Although the two have a rivalry with one another,

Status; preventedEdit

On a request from her mother, Schwartz gave Anis a rose collar that would prevent any mage or magic society to be able to detect Anis as the new Rose Princess.


Anis has pink hair with her rose choker on her neck. She gets a fake choker after losing the real one. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform, except for some exceptions when, for example, she and her four Rhode Knights were auditioning to get the Arcana Card. Her eyes match her hair, for they are a shade of pink.

She is the spitting image of her mother, though her mother's looks are more mature.


Anis starts off as a girl who is constantly being chased after her school's disciplinary teachers because of a choker she 'refuses' to take off (they refuse to listen to her claims that she cannot remove it). As she managed to beat the disciplinary teacher to class, her classmates congratulate her. Afterwards, she bumps into Kaede, who scoffed at Anis. They stare at each other as they recall the Boys 100 m race where Anis beat Kaede. Later on, Anis slowly introduces the 3 other popular and notorious boys in her school, Mitsuru Tenjou, the Prefect President who she secretly wishes to have as a boyfriend or so, Mutsuki Kurama, a gangster in her school and Seiran Asagi, the cute boy in her school.

Anis and Kaede are sweeping the grounds outside. Scaring Anis by standing behind her and tell her to "quit slacking off, Anis". She gets angry at him because he calls her Anis and not Yamamoto (she thinks it’s special). But, there are 2 Yamamoto's in the class and that he will start calling her weird Yamaoto. Anis sees something red in the sky which later smacks into her. Kaede catches her in his arms. She scrambles off and sees a card on the ground. Kaede notices that her ‘collar’ is gone. She runs after ‘weird cat thing’ into the library. At the library she thinks she spots the 'weird cat thing' under a cover. She then falls into a hole in the ground. She looks around and sees a 'monster', asking if that’s suppose to be her punishment. Itsushi is crawling on the floor asking her if is she can see the dragon over there, in reply she says yes, Itsushi tells her he needs a kiss, but not to him but to the card she was holding, telling her it is something valuable and it will keep her safe from harm like a charm.

Anis kisses the card. Kaede appears and Anis notices Kaede and starts fighting with him for calling himself a knight, and Kaede asks out all people why her. Remember about the dragon, while running away, Anis commends Kaede to do something about it. When he retorts, she uses her rose thorn whip to make him listen to her commends. As Kaede uses his sword, Anis feels something draining all her energy out of her body.

Itsushi apologizes and explains the situation. When Ninufa tells Anis to kiss another 3 cards, Anis doesn't want to kiss them. Ninufa then pushes the cards to her lips so she can kiss them. White, blue, and black roses appear. Revealing Mitsuru being the white knight, Mutsuki being the black knight, and Seiran being the blue knight. Itsushi later calls Anis "Rose Princess".

Anis is horrified that her father becomes her school's nurse. She becomes even more outraged that her father orders a mandatory health check for the next day. She later bursts into the nurse's office to confront her father about his 'job' in school. When he replied that his only intent was to be the school nurse, Anis presses him about his goal behind the job, whether was it to be closer to the Devil's Seal and the purpose of the health check day.

Anis collapses half-way in the battle against Yocteau because she was overwhelmed by Mutsuki's hidden pain in his heart and the fact that her blood had been used up. Seiran manages to revives her by giving her a potion. After receiving the Knights' assuring words on going separate ways, Anis leaves the battlefield to head to the location of her father to stop Yocteau's actions.

Haruto reappears before her eyes and Anis gets a shock. He explains that he was there to protect her as his Rose Princess, telling her to carry on. Anis gets moved by Seiran, Haruto and all the Knights' actions on protecting her all the way.

It has been recently revealed that Schwartz is not her real father. Instead, he is her adopted father. Her biological mother had appeared one day at Schwartz's house and begged him to take care of Anis. It is also revealed that Anis' mother was a member of the Tenjou family and that she might have been forced to marry the White Rose Knight. She is related by blood to Mitsuru he told her they are distant cousins.


  1. Anis stays in a high-rise apartment, which sits on the land that her adoptive aunt Celica owns.
  2. Anis is afraid of earthquakes, thunder, fire, and her father.
  3. Anis and Kaede have the highest zodiac compatibility.
  4. Her hobby is reading (fashion magazines and comics).