Idel Suzumura
Name Idel Suzumura
Rose Colour Orange
Disguise Pop Idol of Rhodecia
Rose Title Ex-Artificial Orange Rose Rhode Knight

Orange Rose Rhode Knight

Magic Attribute Sound (Removed; later revived)
Gender Male
Birthday April 4th (Aries)
Hair Colour Orange
Eye Colour Apple Green
Blood Group B
Height 171 cm
Weight 56 kg
(123.5 lbs)
Manga Debut Punishment 14
Idel Suzumura is a pop idol of the group Rhodecia, together with Yakoh Hasuzaki. Their group is popular among high school girls, with their songs topping popularity contests. He was enrolled to Anis's school to help Schwartz check for her choker.

As the Rose Rhode KnightEdit

He becomes temporary a Rose Rhode Knight in order to save Yakoh Hasuzaki. He also uses ten times more blood of Anis than the other Rose Rhode Knights.


Idel has messy Vermillion-coloured hair and golden eyes.


Idel is the opposite of Yakoh. He is extremely chatty and isn't afraid on voicing out his opinions.


Idel and Yakoh's debut

Idel with Yakoh, debuting in the school.

Idel appears shadowed as the person who attacked Kaede at the 50

m sprint race. He almost got caught by Kaede but managed to fend himself off and escaping before Mutsuki could locate him too.

Idel becomes a full-fledged but temporary Rose Rhode Knight when Anis gets moved by his story. He gets a shock, so does everyone, but Anis compliments him, saying that he is worth of this title. As such, an Orange Rose Card was created for Anis to call him out and when she did, he appeared in his current clothes with an Orange Rose pinned on his clothes.


  1. His hobby is games.
  2. He dislikes shitake mushrooms.