Itsushi Narumi
Itsushi Narumi
Itsushi with Ninufa
Name Itsushi Narumi
Mage Ranking Ex-apprentice of Schwartz
Disguise School Librarian
Gender Male
Hair Colour Blonde / White
Manga Debut Punishment 1
Itsushi Narumi is the Classics teacher in Anis's school, located at a basement library. He was the one who explained to Anis everything about being the Rose Princess. His pet is Ninufa.


He is often seen talking or scolding Ninufa only. Itsushi does not look like a mage, more of a school librarian. He seems to be scared easily, not daring to go against his former teacher, Schwartz Yamamoto.


His outfit is made up of a cloak, shirt, tie, office pants, and a pair of spectacles. It has been noted that Itsushi keeps his bed hair.


Young Itsushi

Young Itsushi appearing in Schwartz's flashback

He was formerly a apprentice of Schwartz. He now a classics teacher at Anis's school.