Schwartz Yamamoto
Schwartz Yamamoto
Name Schwartz Yamamoto
Rose Colour Silver
Disguise School Nurse
Rose Title Fake Silver Rose Rhode Knight
Gender Male
Family Anis Yamamoto (Adopted Daughter)
Cecilia (Sister)
Anis's Mother (Lover)
Hair Colour Silver
Manga Debut Punishment 1
Schwartz Yamamoto is Anis Yamamoto's father and a famed sorcerer. Later revealed to be the Silver rose. His main goal in the storyline is to break the Devil's Seal. He is the main antagonist of Barajou No Kiss.


Young Schwartz

Young Schwartz

Schwartz has golden hair. He wears spectacles and often seen wearing Western-looking clothes such as a vest, coat. As he took up a job as a school nurse, once or twice Schwartz has been seen wearing a doctor outfit. When Schwartz was younger, his hair was shorter.


Schwartz is a very cunning man. He will manipulate people around him just to achieve his goal. At the same time, he is also very overprotective about Anis, even though they are enemies.


Schwartz,reveals himself as the Silver Rose Rhode Knight

Schwartz reveals himself as a Silver Rose Rhode Knight.

Anis's mother grand entrance

One of the ways Anis's mother went to meet Schwartz: by jumping off a tree.


Current DayEdit

Schwartz was introduced as a father who gave Anis a rose collar and a stern warning to never ever remove it.

After Anis loses her collar, she receives a call from him, whereby he asked whether she still has the collar on her. She agrees and hangs up on him.

Later, Schwartz joined the school as the new school nurse. Disturbed, Anis barges into her father's office.


  • Schwartz now works as a school nurse in Anis's school.
  • He seems to be afraid of his sister, Cecilia.
  • Itsushi Narumi used to be Schwartz's apprentice.
  • He is the Silver Rose.

Storyline Edit