Seiran Asagi
Name Seiran Asagi
Rose Colour Level 2 Blue Rose Rhode Knight
Magic Attribute Alchemy and Science
Gender Male
Birthday January 26th (Aquarius)
Hair Colour Blue
Eye Colour Honey Yellow
Blood Group B
Height 165 cm
Weight 52 kg
(115 lbs)
Manga Debut Punishment 1
Seiran Asagi is the current Blue Rose Rhode Knight. Being the Blue Rose, he specialises in Alchemy, science and knowledge-related techniques.

As the Blue Rose KnightEdit

Relationship with the Rose PrincessEdit

Anis adores Seiran as he has a cute appearance. The two of them are close to each other after Anis found out the truth about Seiran (him being an artificial human and a replacement of the Yellow Rose Rhode Knight gone rogue). He is the third knight to attain a Level One Awakening.

Status as a Rose Rhode KnightEdit

Relationships with the other KnightsEdit

Kaede HigaEdit

In Kaede's fake memories of him, they were close to each other since they were children. Even as High School mates, they are still close together. They always go home together and Kaede often visits Seiran.

Even though it was revealed that Seiran was actually a being 'born' few years back only and Kaede's memories were fake, the two remained closed together.

Whenever Kaede does something that goes against the codes for being a Rose Rhode Knight, Seiran would be the first one to lecture him.

Seiran also trusts Kaede a lot.

Mitsuru TenjouEdit

Mutsuki KuramaEdit

Seiran hardly interacts with Mutsuki.

Haruto KisugiEdit

There is always a tension between Seiran and Haruto whenever the two are near each other. It is all on one reason: Seiran was created to replace the rogue Yellow Rose Rhode Knight, none other than Haruto Kisugi. HAHA


Seiran has short blue hair (matching his Blue Rose status) and yellow eyes.

He is typically seen wearing the school uniform.


Having to study how humans behave when he was created, Seiran's personality is still quite immature despite his outer appearance of a 16 year old. He panics quickly and is usually insecure about people's perspective about him.


Seiran was introduced as the cutest boy in school who was always alone. When revealed as a Knight, Anis and the other Knights did not expect him to be a Rose Rhode Knight.

A few days later, Seiran fell sick and stayed at home. Out of pity, Anis and Kaede decides to visit him in his mansion. They find him in a green house, tending to roses.

Seiran argues with Kaede upon learning that Kaede had accidentally kissed another girl other than their Rose Princess. Frustrated, he flees from the library. However, in reality, Seiran thinks that he is not fit to be one of the Rose Rhode Knight. So he had decided to vent his sadness and frustration on Kaede, his close friend. As he walked around the school trying to cool down, he encounters Ninufa, who claimed that he was sensing a card. Seiran takes this opportunity to prove to Anis that he is a knight as good as the other three and follows Ninufa on a quest to find another Arcana Card.

Seiran then follows Ninufa's 'random' sense for the cards. He goes to the neighbourhood centre and enters shops selling lingere and even a bodybuilding place where he was thrown out for not looking manly and muscular enough.

Seiran attains his First Awakening when he realises that Anis accepts him who he is and he needs not prove himself at all.

In an attempt to make sure Anis takes awake so that the Knights can use her powers, he uses his potion and pours it into her mouth by kissing her.

Seiran uses a bomb potion to create a hole in the wall to get to the Tenjoh residence, much to the shock of Anis and Kaede, because they had planned to sneak into the Tenjoh residence. In the residence, the cycle on getting lost in the residence happens. This time, the three of them gets lost for a total of tweleve hours. Suddenly, Seiran collapsed. Anis rushes to his side, thinking that he had fainted. Instead, he 'fainted' because he has reached his bedtime.


  1. He is the shortest among the four knights, standing at 165 cm.
  2. Aya-sensei mentioned that she gave him yellow-coloured eyes to suit his status as an artificial being.
  3. His hobbies are experimentation (including cooking), researching, and recording observations.
  4. He doesn't dislike anything.
  5. According to Seiran, he goes to bed at 9pm sharp. So if he's out of the house after 9pm, he would just sleep.
  6. He has a green house at his garden which is where he does all his experiments.
  7. He was the last knight to be summoned by Anis.
  8. Asuka from S.L.H - Stray Love Hearts! (another Aya Shouoto's manga) looks similar to Seiran.
  9. He is ironically allergic to roses.