Shiden Fujinomiya
Name Shiden Fujinomiya
Rose Colour Violet/Purple Rose
Gender Male
Hair Colour Violet
Eye Colour Pink
Manga Debut Punishment 19

Shiden Fujinomiya is the Current Fake Violet Rose Rhode Knight. He loyally serves Mikage. He is the first Fake Rose Rhode Knight to be introduced.

As the Fake Rose Rhode KnightEdit


With His Rose PrincessEdit

Shiden is fiercely loyal to Mikage and would always defend her. He always follows Miakage (except when she goes to school). It has been hinted that he has some feelings for her.

The Other Fake KnightsEdit

Nothing much has been elaborated about his relationship status with the other knights.


His powers has not been revealed. However, Shiden is capable on using Arcana Card(s).


Shiden Fujinomiya Color

Shiden Fujinomiya in color

Shiden has long hair and ties back in a ponytail. He has an eye patch covering his left eye. He is shown wearing gloves on both hands.


Shiden is a rather cold person to anyone but his Rose Princess. He speaks in a formal tone, never insulting a person directly, even the Grey Rose, whom he finds irritating. His actions mirror a butlers, politely bowing to his master and protecting her at all costs from harm.


He introduces himself formally to the Rose Princess and her four knights before taking Mikage back to where Schwartz is located. After Mikage gave Anis a card, he vanishes with Mikage to Schwartz's apartment.

In attempt to protect Mikage from Kaede's attack, Shiden disintegrated. Before he completely disappeared, he thanked her for being a kind Dominion to him, hoping that her other knights would treat her as nice and as well as he did.


  1. Shiden is the only Fake Rose Rhode Knight to have treated the Fake Rose Princess well.