Yakoh Hasuzaki
Name Yakoh Hasuzaki
Rose Colour Lime
Disguise Pop Idol of Rhodecia
Rose Title Ex-Artificial Rose Rhode Knight
Magic Attribute Hypnosis (via manipulating scents)
Gender Male
Birthday July 3rd (Cancer)
Hair Colour Lime
Eye Colour Carrot Orange
Blood Group O
Height 174 cm
Weight 56 kg
(123.5 lbs)
Manga Debut Punishment 14
Yakoh Hasuzaki is a pop idol of the group Rhodecia, together with Idel Suzumura. Their group is popular among high school girls, with their songs topping popularity contests. He was enrolled to Anis's school with Idel.

As the Rose Rhode KnightEdit


Matching to his Lime Rose, Yakoh has lime green hair. He genrally wears a tired or gentle expression. He is usually seen wearing his Rhodecia outfit.


Yakoh is Idel's antithesis. Despite being a pop idol, he is very calm and reserved in any situation.


Yakoh thanks Idel suddenly for everything and collapses. He was rushed to the hospital.

Schwartz heals him and Yakoh takes a temparory residence at Schwartz's apartment to recuperate.


  1. His hobby is (giving) massages.
  2. He dislikes green juice (Idel's specialty).