Current Yocteau (left) and the past Yocteau as the Black Rose Rhode Knight (right)
Name Yocteau
Rose Colour Grey
Rose Title Fake Grey Rose Rhode Knight
Magic Attribute Summoning Demons
Gender Male
Family Mutsuki Kurama (Younger Brother)
Birthday (deceased)
Hair Colour Grey
Eye Colour Heterochromia, one dark red and one golden yellow
Manga Debut Punishment 17

Yocteau is Mutsuki's older brother, He was the Black Rose Knight during the generation in which the Yellow Rose incident had occurred (about 200 years ago). Currently, he is the Fake Grey Rose Rhode Knight. He was obsessed and in love with his Dominion, so much that he knew if he were to confess, it would be dangerous to both him and her. His quote "Oh, Rose. What a pure contradiction." was the only memory stuck in Mutsuki's head.

As the Fake Rose Rhode KnightEdit

Relationship with the Other KnightsEdit

Relationship with the Black Rose, Mutsuki KuramaEdit

Because Mutsuki and Yocteau are blood brothers, their current relationship is extremely complicated. Yocteau is still as protective as his past self over Mutsuki, but in the negative way. For example, he forcefully took Mutsuki to his side so as to avoid killing him 'accidentally'.


Grey Rose Yocteau Color

Current Yocteau in Color

Yocteau has grey hair. This could be a result of him gaining the position of the Fake Grey Rose Rhode Knight. He wears clothes similar to his old self. He has two different eye colours as one belonged to his original body while the other eye he received after Schwatrz revived him. Unlike his past self, he has been reduced to a child's body.



Obessesed with Mutsuki gaining the current Rose Princess's attention, he influences Mutsuki to kiss her. When Mutsuki disappears afterwards and went to him, he placed a charm on Mutsuki to side with him. He flees the school with Mutsuki to join Mikage and Shiden.

When Mutsuki questions why he had placed a charm on him, Yocteau said that because he is his brother and 'loves him (to death)' a lot. Yocteau gets a shock when Mutsuki manages to tear off the charm from his neck.

Yocteau is confronted by Mutsuki, who demands he explain why he was so desperate to take him back when he could have just asked. Yocteau refuses to tell him. On the verge on getting a last blow, Mutsuki gains back his memories.

Yocteau disappears

Yocteau finally disappears to where he's supposed to rest.

Delighted that his brother has gained back much of his memories and seen his too, Yocteau asks Mutsuki to take with him. However, Mutsuki realises that staying in the past is worse than staying in the present. Instead, Mutsuki hugs the weakened Yocteau, telling him that they are brothers, on which he will 'stay with' him 'forever', referring to their bonds as blood brothers. Moved and feeling assured and having the Rose Princess (one which he was seeking when he was the kight) with Mutsuki (hence 'fulfilling' the Dark Stalkers' role in gaining the favour of the Princess), Yocteau dissipates, disappearing from the world.

His red eye, his only 'real' part of him, was 'implanted' into Mutsuki's left eye.